Infrastructure & Public Private Patnership

We provide legal support, advisory and risk management services to participants in PPP projects as well as finance sourcing documentation for Infrastructure Projects. We suggest and structure appropriate contractual arrangements based on the regulatory environment and availability of finance to assist in the seamless execution of projects.

We offer legal risk management and support services to various kinds of infrastructure projects including advising on the project structures including build operate transfer (BOT), build transfer operate (BTO), Build Own Operate (BOO), Build Lease Transfer (BLT), operation and maintenance (OM), and Transfer of Operating Rights (TOR), to deliver the PPP project.

We also assist in the review of the request for proposal (RFP) document, setting up and registration of the appropriate project vehicle, obtaining authorisations and licences, and drafting the Concession contract. In managing project risks, we advise our clients at the design stage and on a continuous basis, on the importance of taking into account social, economic and environmental impacts of large scale development projects and suggest mechanisms for minimising these impacts. Because project risks change over the life cycle of a project, we assist our clients in highlighting these risks and suggest ways of managing them before they crystallise

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Peter Ameadaji

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